Welcome to the  People Knowledge Group 

An HR professional services company providing key people management support to businesses primarily within the local area, including; Chester & North Wales, Manchester, Liverpool, Stoke, Warrington and Birmingham. 
Our services - What Do We Offer? 


We work with you, identifying any gaps in your people management best practice and basic legal compliance.  
It is surprisingly easy as a lot of what you do is probably fine, it is just you might not be aware of what is missing legally and/or what best practice looks like.  
Typically, this can happen with sudden growth when you take on more people as employees. 
Some of what we can provide includes: contracts, policies & procedures, job profiles, staff handbooks, risk assessments, data protection support, help with improving communication, managing performance & conduct recruitment & selection support. 


A confidential, voluntary, impartial service provided by a qualified workplace Mediator to help resolve disagreements at work and rebuild working relationships in a safe and supportive environment. 
Some example issues: allegations of bullying or harassment, line management tensions, grievances in response to management style and performance management, attitude, communications, and behavioural issues, perceived disciplinary and cultural issues, team disputes. 
Benefits include; it is quick and effective, gets people talking, saves money, flexible, informal so can be less stressful for those involved, does not affect statutory or human rights. 
Mediation normally takes one day, occasionally up to two if more complex. 


Coaching - a facilitative style and flexible service provided by a qualified accredited executive coach. 
Why be coached? You might be so busy growing your business every day, you’ve forgotten to take time to think, to explore where you are, where you are going. 
You might have a manager who is underperforming, just doesn’t seem to get it, to see the issues.. 
Need support through career challenges like: feeling stuck, confidence issues, life-cycle challenges, communication challenges. 
Training – we’re here to help you provide cost effective quality training where you need it. 
We can help you identify what you need and best way to deliver, fitting in with your operational demands. We have resources ready to go for key HR people management, we can tailor our content too. 
Examples of skills training we offer:  
presenting including running webinars, managing performance, managing conflict, leading teams, HR procedures. 

So, that’s why we’re here and I think you’ll find our services surprisingly easy and low cost. 

Call us for a chat on 07508 113474 or go to our contact page and complete a form. 
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