When it comes to Workplace Mediation, employee wellbeing is incredibly important as your employees are the core of your business. Why should workplace mediation and employee wellbeing be considered hand-in-hand? And what are the benefits of focusing on both areas? Read on for more information: 
The government has recently changed the law and guidelines for managing Covid at work. So, what does it mean for companies, particularly smaller ones? Well, it’s now over to employers and individuals themselves to take responsibility for managing Covid in the future. Covid is managed like other respiratory illnesses, in the current context, for now anyway. 
Sometimes, the workplace can become a heated battleground of dispute which you just cannot get involved in and don’t know how to resolve. It ends up costing employers too, as £30bn a year is lost due to conflict. Put simply, businesses find themselves in a lose-lose situation almost every time when there are disputes within their business. 
Disputes can arise for many reasons, but some of the common causes are poor communication, personality clashes, differences in work styles and values, and unhealthy workplace competition. As an employer, it is your duty to ensure that these four negative issues are not present in your company. If left to manifest in any way, this can lead to a considerable loss in revenue, demotivated staff and possibly even damage your brand’s reputation. 
So, what can you be doing to resolve these issues and gain control back? Well, you can get legal advice (if necessary), hold one-on-one meetings, meet with both parties and announce your decision. However, these approaches can be time-consuming and tedious. The answer you are really looking for in all of this is Workplace Mediation! 


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