Motivating and inspiring others can be an incredibly challenging task, even more so when you are a manager and responsible for leading multiple people towards the same goal. 
Making sound decisions, 
Articulating a clear vision, 
Establishing achievable goals, 
Providing followers with everything necessary to achieve those goals. 
So, if you want your business to reach new heights of success, it is important that you develop a growth mindset that will help to motivate and inspire your team. It will also help to improve your well-being by encouraging healthy work and performance, raising confidence levels and increasing motivation. 
Some good first steps are to start inspiring yourself, ditching the open-door policy, getting to know your employees more, or even examining your current leadership style. Trying new and exciting methods of business practice can really help give everyone a big boost overall, so it’s worth seeing where it takes you. It can also give you an extra lift and reignite your excitement in work. The business has little to lose and a lot to gain by trialling these ideas. 
However, in order to motivate and inspire employees, you’ll need to establish a Growth Mindset. 
What is a Growth Mindset? 
A Growth Mindset is having the belief that you can achieve far more and that you can grow your talent and intelligence through sheer effort and learning alone. It looks at people’s attitudes, behaviours, beliefs, and how they can help themselves in terms of their personal and working lives (or even how they can hold them and their potential back). 
A popular way of looking at it is through the comparison to Fixed Mindsets. A fixed mindset is a belief that your intelligence is fixed or static. For example, those with a Growth Mindset understand that they do not know everything and, therefore, can continuously learn with ease. Whereas a Fixed Mindset causes people to be more negative and closed off - something managers should avoid. Often they don’t feel the same enthusiasm and enjoyment as they would with a Growth Mindset. 
How can managers adopt this Growth Mindset to inspire creativity and innovation? 
If you are a manager with a Fixed Mindset, you’re going to be more prone to seeing failures as something that cannot be avoided. In fact, if you have a Fixed Mindset, you may already feel less open to adopting a Growth Mindset! It is difficult to see better ways to do things when you are fixed in your way of thinking, and this can stifle business success. 
There are many techniques you can implement into your daily routine to transition from a Fixed to a Growth Mindset. Garner an open mind, investing in yourself, learning from setbacks, and also actively trying to think critically more. 
But, most importantly, look to remove any self-limiting beliefs. This can be done through daily affirmations, asking why and how questions instead of assuming anything. If you believe that things will not improve, it’s highly likely that they won’t. 
How can a Growth Mindset be an effective outlook for motivation? 
A Growth Mindset enables personal growth and development. By encouraging this, we can adapt and change, so we are more accepting than close-minded. During a 2016 study, 98% of teachers believed a growth mindset in the classroom led to improved learning. Although not entirely relatable to managers and their ability to motivate, these findings show that there is truth to the effectiveness of a Growth Mindset. For example, if a manager is excited and persistent when it comes to the workplace, it is naturally going to rub off on their colleagues. This is only achievable with a Growth Mindset, not a Fixed Mindset. Moreover, those with a Growth Mindset will likely want to motivate others as they understand the importance of growth. You need to lead by example! 
Can a Growth Mindset help us develop self-awareness? 
People with a Fixed Mindset are usually unaware that they even have a Fixed Mindset! Although it comes down to your experiences and background, implementing a Growth Mindset can help you develop that self-awareness that is so valuable. First, try questioning whether you are operating with a Fixed Mindset - is it holding you back? Or is it impacting the outcomes you want to achieve? If the answer is yes, then you need to switch your way of thinking. 
When operating as a manager, see if you can pick up on if and when you are being close-minded. Then, look to correct yourself and implement that Growth Mindset wherever you possibly can. Or you can look to get professional help instead, which is a lot more effective and can help you find new ways to improve your processes. 
Where can you get help to develop a Growth Mindset? 
At People Knowledge Group, we offer tailored coaching and workshops to help you gain that Growth Mindset that is so important to business growth. As an accredited coach, I can help you exceed those expectations and truly thrive in your career. Overcome those confidence issues, life-cycle concerns, and communication difficulties today! 
Get in touch today by calling 07508 113474 or filling out the contact form on our website
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