When it comes to Workplace Mediation, employee wellbeing is incredibly important as your employees are the core of your business. Why should workplace mediation and employee wellbeing be considered hand-in-hand? And what are the benefits of focusing on both areas? Read on for more information: 
Why must workplace mediation and employee wellbeing be considered hand-in-hand? 
The main aim of workplace mediation is to mend broken relationships between employees and support those concerned in finding agreeable solutions. Everyone has to be fully satisfied with the outcome and reassured that they are within a safe space, especially where it may involve serious allegations, such as workplace bullying. It is essential that workplace mediators consider employees’ wellbeing, facilitate healthy conversation, to calm tensions so that conflict doesn’t escalate and have a knock-on effect - such as leading to other health issues and extended leaves of absence
Workplace mediators actively listen to each party to ensure each issue raised is considered and taken seriously; otherwise, there is a risk that the smaller matters may spiral and get out of control later down the line. As well as offering an informal and flexible way to deal with conflict, mediation allows team members the chance to talk with one another in order to fix issues they have between them. This goes directly towards improving their wellbeing within the workplace. A happy team is a productive team! 
What benefits can employee wellbeing bring to businesses? 
Increased retention 
When employee wellbeing is prioritised, businesses are more likely to retain their staff and avoid the cost and inconvenience of having to find replacement team members. The recruitment process is time-consuming and takes away much-needed resources that could be better utilised to improve the business. If a business is not prioritising their employee wellbeing, staff will end up leaving for another business or even a competitor who offers them better protection and support. Business owners have got to look after their employees. Managing conflicts swiftly and thoroughly can help to reassure team members that the business genuinely cares about their wellbeing and happiness. Workplace mediation can be key here. 
Increased productivity 
When you focus your attention on employee wellbeing, your business can expect an increase in productivity, which itself boosts revenue as a result. Businesses strive for success, and with employees that are productive, this can be achieved as work is completed much quicker and typically to a higher standard. Employees can see much greater fulfilment in the workplace, your customer service will then improve, engagement will increase, and a positive culture will be instilled within the company. Workplace mediation can create a domino effect that spreads through the workplace, ensuring change in the business going forward. Good productivity is vital for all involved. 
Improved reputation 
Businesses that make employee wellbeing their top priority are the ones that will protect and enhance their reputation compared to others who do not. A great reputation brings many extra benefits. For example, more people will want to come and work for your business, meaning you will be able to attract top talent to your company and reduce your recruitment costs. It also supports building brand awareness. If everyone enjoys working for your company, then they will talk about it, and word will spread. Businesses that actively look after their employees, and celebrate them openly, will also go on to attract new customers as people want to work with and buy from companies that have good morals and care about their staff. 
How can prioritising employee wellbeing aid the mediation process? 
Putting employee wellbeing first can help make the mediation process a lot easier. If you make employee wellbeing a focus in your business, issues are less likely to arise in the first place, and when they do, team members will feel more comfortable approaching you with their concerns and thoughts. 
If outside support is still needed, your mediator will make sure that your team’s wellbeing is protected going forwards and put plans in place to ensure that a harmonious working environment is created. By giving parties time to air their grievances and concerns, they will be able to find constructive ways to fix the issues their team have been facing and prevent them from occurring again. Ground rules can be put in place by the mediator to help enforce employee wellbeing. This may include no interrupting or speaking over each other, taking breaks if emotions are high, and upholding respect for both parties’ views. By doing so, wellbeing is preserved and protected. 
Where can you turn to for professional workplace mediation? 
At People Knowledge Group, you can rest assured that your employees’ wellbeing is my top priority as you’ll receive a confidential, impartial service provided by an NOCN accredited Mediator! Whatever the allegations may be - bullying, harassment, performance issues, personality clashes, attitude problems, team disputes – we take all matters seriously and act with due care. 
Businesses small and large can benefit from receiving the services of a current Chartered Member of CIPD, as well as the calm and compassionate approach that I bring to the table. This involves me listening to people’s issues or concerns and finding solutions that work for the employees and business. Find out more about me today. 
If you would like to learn more about how I work, contact me today on 07508 113474 or fill out the contact form on my website! 
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