Sometimes, the workplace can become a heated battleground of dispute which you just cannot get involved in and don’t know how to resolve. It ends up costing employers too, as £30bn a year is lost due to conflict. Put simply, businesses find themselves in a lose-lose situation almost every time when there are disputes within their business. 
Disputes can arise for many reasons, but some of the common causes are poor communication, personality clashes, differences in work styles and values, and unhealthy workplace competition. As an employer, it is your duty to ensure that these four negative issues are not present in your company. If left to manifest in any way, this can lead to a considerable loss in revenue, demotivated staff and possibly even damage your brand’s reputation. 
So, what can you be doing to resolve these issues and gain control back? Well, you can get legal advice (if necessary), hold one-on-one meetings, meet with both parties and announce your decision. However, these approaches can be time-consuming and tedious. The answer you are really looking for in all of this is Workplace Mediation! 
What is Workplace Mediation? 
Workplace Mediation is a voluntary process led by an impartial third party to resolve conflict. It is less formal than grievance or disciplinary procedures but still follows a structured formula that lets both parties tell their side of the story and converse with one another. Mediation is designed to find a quick resolution to a problem rather than a legally binding agreement. However, it also seeks to address the underlying causes and provide closure to both parties involved. 
The process is entirely confidential between the two parties. The Mediator will not cast judgement; they are there simply to do their job and find a solution to the problem or problems. 
Why is Workplace Mediation necessary? 
Making sure that your employees are happy and safe should be at the top of your priority list as an employer, and doing so has an immediate impact on the success of your business. 
Productivity is key to a company’s profitability and ability to thrive. So if there are workplace disputes between employees, productivity can be severely affected as they will not be focused on the work at hand. If this is the case, you need to deal with the problem as soon as possible. 
A disjointed team costs money and hinders growth. And if any of this spills out of the office, it will harm the brand’s reputation. Workplace mediation, however, seeks to ensure that this does not happen. 
How effective is Workplace Mediation? 
49% of employees agree or strongly agree that Mediation is an effective approach to resolving workplace disputes, while the minority, only 10%, disagree. Not only that, but a survey has found that Mediation is successful in over 70% of all cases
Workplace Mediation gives more control to the parties involved, rather than the Mediator themself or even the employer. This ensures that everything each party wants to resolve is actually brought to the table, figured out and resolved. In addition, it focuses on the serious underlying issues involved within the matter rather than sweeping it under the carpet to appease the employer. 
Ask most employers or employees, and they will tell you that it truly has worked for them. 
What techniques or methods are involved with Workplace Mediation? 
Mediators often use techniques such as transparent communication, the right words, giving each party enough time to speak, and staying impartial. They ask the most relevant questions and create a win-win solution that both parties agree upon. 
The step-by-step approach works like this: 
Firstly, the Mediator has an initial meeting with each party separately; 
Secondly, the parties will be brought together face-to-face to resolve their issues; 
Thirdly, each party is given uninterrupted time to discuss their side of the dispute; 
Fourthly, the Mediator facilitates a discussion, providing support and advice; 
Lastly, a way forward is agreed upon between the parties both verbally and in writing. 
All the techniques mentioned are used for the best outcome. 
Where can you turn to for professional Workplace Mediation? 
At People Knowledge Group, I offer a confidential and impartial service provided by an NOCN accredited Workplace Mediator! If your department is experiencing allegations of bullying or harassment, performance issues, personality clashes, attitude problems, team disputes, or any other conflicts of a similar nature, then I am here to help. It is quick, easy, and incredibly cost-effective. 
As a current Chartered Member of CIPD - the professional association for human resource management professionals, I bring a calm and compassionate approach, listening to people’s issues or concerns and finding the correct solutions. Find out more about me to get the complete picture. Get in touch today by calling 07508 113474 or filling out the contact form on our website! 
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